ErgoGraph can convert between many fitness execise file formats. These files are typically recorded by sport watches, bike computers or ergotrainers. This software is made by the developer of ErgoPlanet.

News (11/2011):

The new version of ErgoGraph is totally different than the previous versions. All graphic features has been removed. The focus is now only the conversion between the different file formats.

Supported Input File Formats:

  • Daum ergo_win 2003 exercise files (*.txt or *.csv)
  • Daum ergo_win Premium Pro CSV files (*.csv)
  • Kettler Tour Concept and Ergo Concept 2 exercise files (*.csv)
  • Ciclosport TUR files (*.tur)
  • Polar HRM files (*.hrm)
  • Garmin TCX files (*.tcx)

Unsupported Input File Formats:

(These formats work right now but changes to the file formats will not be updated)

  • Suunto exercise files (*.sdf) and (*.ste)
  • Ergomo CSV files (*.csv)
  • Powertab CSV files (*.csv)
  • VDO Z3 / PC-Sport exercise files (*.xml)

Supported Output File Formats:

  • Daum ergo_win Premium Pro CSV files (*.csv).
  • Ciclosport TUR files (*.tur).
  • Polar HRM files (*.hrm).
  • SportTracks Fitlog files (*.fitlog).
  • Garmin TCX files (*.tcx).

Download current version

ErgoGraph [1.0.0] (Build 18.11.2011) Changelog

Old version (with graphical Features)

ErgoGraph [0.9.0] (Build 11.01.2010)

Free Software - Donation appreciated

This software is Donationware. This means that you can download and test the software absolutely free. If you like it you can send me a donation via PayPal:


  • It is not allowed to put the application ZIP file on any public server. Instead just use a hyperlink to
  • This program is provided ďas isĒ and the authors do not accept any responsibility that may result from its use, or for the proper operation of it. So there isnít guarantee of any kind.


This software runs on Windows and needs the .NET Framework Version 4.0 from Microsoft.

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